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I Have Reemerged: Various Updates, Kiriban

Journal Entry: Sun Nov 21, 2010, 11:17 AM

So, before I begin, let me just thank :iconcmdrtekk:  for giving me DA points!  She's made the resurrection of my custom page possible, which has restored my interest in spiffing it up.  So a heartfelt (sparkfelt?) thanks to her!  :hug:

Now, for the updates.

What happened?  You vanished briefly!
Well, sadly, November's sucked up to this point.  For an entire week and change, I had no muse at all.  For most of that week, I was crashed on the couch, disconnected from the world (when I wasn't at work).  I suppose it was a mini depressive episode.  I won't burden you with the details, but I can say I feel some better now.  (I'm still a bit wobbly.)

Yes, if there's interest I will do a second one.  Reply to this journal if you want to participate so I can see how much interest there is.  If it's a go, I'll set the kiriban at 10,000 page views.  (If you don't know what a kiriban is, please feel free to ask.)

Fanfic Developments
I'm getting up to the final chapters of "Imperium in Imperio" now.  I'm not sure if it will come in at 15 or 16 chapters because there's some natural web and flow that occurs.  (The plot outline at the beginning of the fic had 16 chapters set out.)

What's next?  Well, I'm not sure.  I always have ideas.  Here's some of the stuff floating around in my brain:

:bulletred: Sequel to "Sound and Fury" (named "Masters of Fate")--2 chapters written a year ago
:bulletred: Sequel to "Loveless"--basic plot/structure/idea mapped
:bulletred: Sequel to "Imperio"--basic plot idea in place
:bulletred: ProwlxBlue fic--basic plot/idea developed
:bulletred: ProwlxSides fic (named "The Night the World Begins Again")--2 chapters written a year ago
:bulletred: Firsts series--I've got a few left to do

I can't make promises on any story ever.  I always go where my muse wants, and as you can see from the two stories that have two chapters but are abandoned, it doesn't always go where I think it will.  This is why I always finish two-three chapters before I begin posting.  I want to make sure the story will carry.  I can't stand having unfinished stories posted.  Makes me insane.

General Thanks
I just want to take a moment to thank everyone who has been giving me feedback on any and all of my stories.  You're my energon during rough weeks like the ones I've been having. I really appreciate your taking the time to review, and many of you have given me wonderful, thoughtful, interesting reviews on "Imperio."

OptimusxProwl Club

I'm considering creating an OptimusxProwl club/community on either DA or LJ (or maybe both).  I've been a mod before, so I know how much work it can be.  What I need to know are four things:

1. If I created it, would you be interesting in submitting fan fic or fan art to it?
2. If I created it, would you be interested in watching it without submitting?
3. If I created it, would you be interested in being a mod?  (I need 2 mods.  So far, I only have one, and that's for LJ.)
4. If you are a mod or owner of another club/comm, would you let me affiliate?  

If you have any other thoughts, questions, or comments on the concept, feel free to express them.  (I don't promise inclusion, but I do promise fair consideration.)  Thank you!


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Wicked3659 Featured By Owner Oct 28, 2014  Professional Writer
Been a while thought I'd check in see if you were still around :) Hope life is going well for you <3
mysine Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2014
Love your work. It has been really good at distracting me from some tuff situations in my personal life. Thanx for that. Please let me know when you plan to finish imperium in emperio I really love that story!
ErokoTan Featured By Owner Jul 29, 2011  Hobbyist General Artist
I've been following you quite religiously on FFnet and Live journal, so I hope you don't mind that I've watched you here.
Mirage-Shinkiro Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012
Not at all! :)
ErokoTan Featured By Owner Feb 14, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
Yay! ^w^
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hi. Im Transformersfan01 of fanfiction. I love your transformers stories
Mirage-Shinkiro Featured By Owner Feb 10, 2011
Thank you! :hug:
transformersgirl84 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2010
And now I've found you here.
So, I just need to tell you, your fics are amazing. I love reading them and get super excited whenever I stumble across another one of them. Keep up the awesome work and I look forward to reading even more of them. ^_^
Mirage-Shinkiro Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2010
Thank you! :hug: :D
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